Best Amusement Park :Tafreeh Agro Park

Tafreeh Agro Park

A place where you can breathe plenty of fresh air, listen to the melodious songs of the birds and feast your eyes on emerald green fields. Amidst a 40-acre working farm, Tafreeh Agro Park, Indore; is a celebration of undiluted joy of nature and agrarian culture. Here, both the young and the old can relish the ecstasy of coming back to the roots. Situated on the picturesque Malwa plateau on the outskirts of Indore, it is an ideal gateway for the city dwellers.

The adventurous can enjoy angling and boating in Pokhar, find their way through mind boggling mazes, take bullock cart and tractor rides or dive in a splash pool and enjoy innovative nature based sports like the Tarzan’s Swing, the Monkey Bridge besides climbing up a machaan or sitting in a tree house. The bravehearts can try scaling the high-rise walls of Betaal ka Quila.