List of Police Stations in Indore

Indore Police is striving towards excellence altogether aspects of policing with the assistance of contemporary technological inputs and community participation and reaching towards the targets through constant up gradation of resources, techniques and skilled professionals. The purpose of Indore Police is to uphold the law fairly and firmly. The police of Indore are committed to be compassionate, patient and courteous, to act without worrying or favor. They have resolved to be skilled, calm and restrained within the face of violence and apply solely that force what is important to accomplish their lawful duty. They are trying to secure life and property of Indore public. Their first priority is the citizens of Indore and their safety. With its ' ideal' Police stations and mechanization initiative, Indore Police is currently poised on the brink of excellence with a powerful determination to serve the individuals of Indore even higher within the upcoming time. They have a tendency to promise to figure towards this mission with full honesty and determination. The list of Indore Police Stations is as follows: