Kanch Mahal Mandir or Glass Temple in Indore

Kanch Mandir

Situated on Jawahar Road near Rajwada, Kanch Mandir also known as Hukamchand Temple is a Jain Temple built by the "Cotton King" Sir Hukamchand in the early 20th century. As the name suggests, the entire temple is made up of coloured glasses (Kaanch) and paintings.

Made from black onyx, the idol of Lord Mahavira is adorned with colourful glass beads. The temple is entirely made of glass including the walls, ceiling, floor, pillars and doors. Along with mirrors, patterned ceramic tiles are also used for decorating the temple. The temple also features delicately crafted Chinese lantern-type glass lamps and cut glass chandeliers. Tourists can see the 50 murals in the temple, each of which depicts one of the Jain stories.