Fabulous Visiting Place Janapav in Indore

Naturally Beautiful Place "janapav"

Janapav is birth place of Lord Parshuram, and there is also a temple of lord shiva. from this place 12 rivers originates including Chambal, Saraswati & Nakheri. Also it is supposed to be 2nd highest hill of malwa region. this is a must visit place during the rains.

A mela, or a religious fair, is held at village Kuti every year on the auspicious day of Kartik Purnima - the first full moon after Deepaawali, and people from villages far and near come to pray and pay their obeisance !

The River Gambhir which eventually joins the Kshipraa - the river on whose banks the ancient, holy city of Ujjain is built - also begins at the hill of Janapav ! From here, it flows North towards Mhow ! The River Chambal is also said to originate from here, flowing up into the Northern parts of Madhya Pradesh (MP), near Gwalior ! At the place of the natural, sacred tank from where these rivers are said to originate, a reservoir/bath was constructed, some 200 years ago !