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Best Places for Visit in Indore Weekend Gateway

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It is situated at the meeting place of the two beautiful rivers of India, Narmada and Kaveri. It is just 77 kms from Indore.


This small town is 91 km from Indore and just takes 4 hours to travel by bus. This place is famous for its forts, temples and bathing Ghats.


This place got its name from the MHoW, The Military Headquarters of War, which is supposed to be the British war management centre.


This small town is dotted with 40 monuments that include palaces and a beautiful fort.


Ujjain is situated at a distance of 56 km from Indore. The city of Ujjain is one of the ancient cities of the country.

Patal Pani

Patal Pani is one of the popular excursions from Indore. The tourists travel 36 kilometers to watch the waters of the Patal Pani waterfalls.


It is around 35 Km far from Indore having a dam also on the river Choral which is known as Choral Dam. It is known for beautiful natural looks of hillocks

Tincha Fall

Tincha Falls is a waterfall about 10 km off from Simrol, a village on the Indore – Khandwa Road.

Tafreeh Agro Park

Tafreeh agro park, surrounded by 40 acres of nature. It almost feels like you have gone back in time, before mankind and before technology.


During and after the monsoon, the entire hilly area looks very beautiful and a great respite from the manmade jungles is this natural jungle !

Sirpur Lake

Sirpur lake is a fully secured water body and a safe bird habitat where migratory birds continue to come on their seasonal visits every year.

Citibank [CPA] IN