Railway Network and Indore Railway Map Locations

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The elevation of the junction is 550.20 meters i.e. 1805.1 ft. The lines of the junction are Mumbai - Indore (BG), Jaipur-Ajmer-Ratlam-Indore-Khandwa-Akola-Purna (Except Ratlam – Akola). There are various taxi and auto stands available at the junction for the service of passengers. There are total of 5 platforms i.e. 2 MG, 3BG and 8 tracks i.e. 3 MG, 5 BG. Parking facilities for car as well as for cycles is also available. No baggage checking is there. It has opened in the year of 1921 i. e. 93 years ago. It has been electrified in the year of 2011. It is owned by Indian Railways and the fare zone is Western Railway zone. The terminal of Indore Junction BG is found on broadgauge line. It consists of four main railway platforms. The Ujjain-Indore route and Indore Junction were electrified recently. The Station is found one meter away from the town centre. It’s an ISO Certified Station of Republic of India. Its route is connected with Ujjain Junction to the Northern West; Mhow in the southern side, Junction at Dewas to the north and Khandwa Junction to the southern east. Being a junction station, it's well connected to Jabalpur, Bhopal, Katni, Ujjain, Ratlam, Gwalior, Khandwa and Bina among the state and virtually each alternative states of whole India.

Various important trains run through Indore Junction BG in which super fast trains are Duronto Express which runs between Indore- Mumbai, Nizamuddin Intercity Express which runs between Indore and Hazrat, Ranthambore Express which runs between Indore and Jodhpur, Indore Tri Shatabdi Express which runs from Indore to Nagpur, Malwa Express which runs from Indore to Jammu Tawi, Indore to Nagpur Express, Avantika Express which runs from Indore to Mumbai, Indore - Jaipur Express, Indore to Bhopal AC Double Decker Intercity Express, Habibganj Indore Junction AC Double Decker Express and Indore – Howrah Shipra Express. Some Mail/Express Trains of this junction are Indore to Gwalior Intercity Express, Indore to Jabalpur Express, Indore to Jabalpur Intercity Express, Indore to Rewa Intercity Express, Indore to Dehradun Express, Ahilyanagari Express which runs from Indore toTrivandrum, Indore to Bangalore Express, Shanti Express which runs from Indore to Gandhinagar, Indore to Pune Express, Indore to Patna Express, Indore to Bhopal Intercity Express, Indore Junction Chandigarh Express, Indore to Kota Intercity Express, Indore to Bhind Express. Names of Express Trains of this junction are Indore to Rajendra Nagar Via. Faizabad Express, Indore to Amritsar Express, Indore to Jaipur Express Via. Ajmer, Indore to Udaipur City Express. Names of Express/Passenger Trains are Narmada Express which runs from Indore to Bilaspur, Indore to Ajmer Link Express, Panchvalley Express which runs from Indore to Chhindwara. Some Fast Passenger Trains are Indore to Nagda Passenger and Indore to Bhopal Passenger. Some Passenger Trains are Indore to Mhow Passenger, Indore to Maksi Passenger and Indore to Ujjain Passenger.

Suburban Trains

A suburban train of Indore is a commuter rail system serving the Indore Metropolitan Region. It’s operated by Indian Railways' zonal Western Railways (WR). The passenger density of this is the highest in MP. The trains plying on its routes are normally mentioned as native trains or just as locals. Indore is that the centre of an in depth radial commuter railway network that is serving the encompassing metropolitan space. In distinction to the a lot of developed regional network in Ratlam, solely 2 rail lines presently cross Indore: the Metre gauge route passes through the town centre with services running between the northern and southern suburbs, and between the a lot of distant cities of Ujjain within the north and Khandwa on the south. Indore city has 9 suburban railway stations which are: Indore junction (INDM) WR having 4 platforms, Lakshmibai nagar (ILBN) Wr having 3 platforms, Rajendra nagar (RJQ) WR having 3 platforms, Lokmanya nagar (ILN) WR having 2 platforms, Mhow (MHOW) WR having 2 platforms, Rau (RAU) having 2 platforms, Saifi nagar (SFN) WR having one platform and patalpani (PTP) WR having one platform.

Citibank [CPA] IN