The Honorable High Court of Indore

Indore High Court

Indore High Court is a permanent bench of RingnodMadhya Pradesh High Court: Jabalpur. Hon’ble the Chief Justice, vide order dated 1 November 1956 constituted temporary benches of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Indore and Gwalior.


In 2013, under Mandsaur Treaty, the Britishers established their existence in Indore through East India Company. The English, wherever they went, established their military, civil and health services as well as judicial system. Implementation of proceeding to impart justice to the people having transaction with the English and residing under their jurisdiction, was initiated at all levels. Till the end of 19th century, the portion of Indore city under jurisdiction of Britishers was known as cantonment. In the court of Resident, British law was applicable and District Judge of Khandwa in the British India used to come to exercise jurisdiction of High Court Judge in the cases of cantonment. In the rest of Indore under Holkars imparting justice went on as per old pattern by the jurists and petitions were finally decided in the Court of King.