Fast facility of Fire Brigade in Indore

The emergency numbers of Indore are very crucial for the Indore residents as well as for the tourists coming in the city to face the sudden exigencies. The emergency numbers of Indore includes the contact number and addresses of Fire brigade, police station, hospitals, ambulance, women helpline, chemists, various important help lines as well as other tourist information centers. The list of emergency contacts of Indore additionally contains the telecom details of the chief police officers. With the assistance of those numbers, the residents or the visitors could contact the station or the police stations of Indore in times of crucial emergency. The contact numbers of the visitor’s info center and therefore the tourist’s reception counter guides the tourists. It additionally helps them by providing the main points of the visitor’s attractions of town. Some of the Indore Emergency Numbers are: Police: 100, Fire control Room: 101, Ambulance: 102, Choithram Hospital: 2474052, 2362491, M Y Hospital and Blood Bank: 2527947, 2637301, 2528301.

The first Police Fire Station of Indore was established at Motitabela in 1905, by the king of Holkars, Yashwant Rao. Once the reorganization of the state of M.P., Fire stations continuing to be established even on the far side the boundaries of Indore district for rendering emergency services in all told cases of fires, natural calamities and disasters. At present, there are seven Fire Stations functioning within the state, one in Bhopal, Malanpur, Pithampur and four in Indore district. Fire brigade services for the whole district of Indore is provided by the Police Fire services, whereas the remainder of the police fire stations established outside district Indore have duties in given jurisdiction among the several districts. Some of the functions of Fire brigade services are to safeguard life and property from fire, to conduct rescue operations, to help individuals throughout natural calamities/disasters, like floods, earthquakes etc., to teach and build public awareness for hearth hindrance and fighting from fire, to supply information to Hotels, Hospitals, high-rise Buildings, Factories, Cinema homes etc. on fire fighting arrangements and fire safety needs, to co-ordinate among varied agencies/departments like Nagar Nigam, M.P.E.B., P.H.E.D. etc. to make sure higher potency throughout any natural calamity/disaster. Indore features a total of 123 vehicles; the majorities are special water Tenders, Foam / CO2 /DCP Tenders with high and depression pumps. Specialized vehicles embrace a Rescue Master that contains varied life saving equipments, like lightweight Mast, Hydraulic Jack etc. It helps to safeguard life in disasters and calamities. The Hydraulic Platform cum turn-table which may be highly helpful throughout fires in high rise buildings is an extremely refined vehicle fitted with a ladder which may reach a height up to thirty two meters.