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Many people of our country die each year owing to non-availability of blood in time. As per the report of World Health Organization, India’s demand for blood and its elements ought to be around a hundred and twenty fifth of its population in keeping with WHO standards; however it’s ironic that a population of over one billion isn't able to contribute simply a hundred and twenty fifth voluntarily for saving someone’s life. It is the duty of blood banks to generate awareness concerning blood donation and supply a medium for timely connecting the blood donors to the patients. Blood banks are also creating awareness in feminine volunteer donors and increasing the involvement of women. Human blood is needed just in case of harm from injury and heavy bleeding, in varied kinds of operations, in case of serious harm, throughout kid birth if there is heavy bleeding, in TB, in Blood Cancer as well as in Thalassemia and Anemia. If blood isn't equipped to the patients suffered from all these, then the patient will die. If someone talks concerning the advantages of blood donation to the folks to whom he meets daily, positively at least one or 2 folks can encourage and they're again going to encourage other people. As a result it will multiply the number of blood donors and in some unspecified time in the future there is no one who will die owing to non accessibility of blood. The misconception concerning blood donation is that after blood donation the body become weak and also the blood that was taken out can take long time to regain, whereas the reality is that body takes twenty four to forty eight hours to regain the amount of blood that was taken out throughout the blood donation method. Some folks have misconception that regular blood donation can weaken their immunity power and also the person is going to be full of diseases, whereas it's not the reality. There are various blood banks and NGO’s working in Indore for this divine work.

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